Trouble on my internets

Internet censorship is a topic oft-debated and very rarely implemented. In fact, only in communist/totalitarian countries have I heard of any decent attempts at censorship on a large-scale level (see:China). It is not, however, just regular old government censorship we need to fear. In an age of the Moral Majority and mollycoddling children to the […]

The trouble with social media

I want to be crystal clear: I do not intend to call out any particular site, such as Digg (most of my examples), Facebook or MySpace. This is intended to be an indictment of the genre as a whole, as none of the aforementioned sites implement an adequate screening process. Would you like to know […]

Zombie Ambulation

In an article that hits very close to my own interests, Slate’s Josh Levin explores the surprising speed at which the modern zombie movies in relation to the older, classic Z-films such as Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. The article is a reprint, owing its repeat performance to the smash success of I Am […]

The Trouble With Them Thar Internets

The internet has become a ubiquitous (if not essential) tool for the average person’s everyday life. As with most things that are used by a lot of people on a regular basis, there are good and bad aspects of it. There are different aims and goals that people have when using it, and thus there […]

Just the Facts

On July 4th a group calling itself Alternative Solutions and Possibilities met in Riverfront Park to protest against police brutality. As reported in the Spokesman-Review, a contingent of the group sat down on an American flag to have a picnic while others distributed literature around the site. Police surrounded the group and began circling the […]

Thinking is a requirement, not a privilege

Recently I happened upon a newspaper article from the Albuquerque Journal written in 1954 on the subject of what to do in the event of a nuclear attack. This of course came smack-dab in the thick of the Red Scare, when communists were constantly attempting to sabotage the United States or worse, directly attack. Now […]

The Tubes

The internet is a funny old thing isn’t it? I originally used to live about 40 miles north of Seattle until I went away to college, and now I live in Pullman on the Washington/Idaho border. My parents moved to Arizona last year, but spend the summers in a campground somewhat near where we used […]

Orwellian Corollary to Godwin's Law

Everyone is constantly spouting off about Godwin’s law, which states: In any non-WWII related conversation, if Hitler or the Nazis are brought up, rational conversation is no longer possible. Normally this law is quoted in the style of “God-winned,” insinuating that whoever used the Nazis or Hitler automatically lost the argument. I completely agree with […]