Christ, that is hilarious

As all good student journalists know, there will come a point in your journalistic life when you’ll want to end it. Sometimes this is the result of a lazy reporter making a careless error, but most often it’s an innocuous mistake that only blows up in your face after the papers have hit the stands. […]

"Columbine," Dave Cullen

Even now, 10 years after the shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado, a feeling of insecurity lingers. The intensity of the feeling wanes and waxes depending on external circumstances, but there can be doubt an innocence was lost about the safety of children and schools that day. Dave Cullen, a writer for Salon, was […]

Meta prank

Every year, roundabout this time, the staff of a certain student newspaper sets up an elaborate (or simplistic) prank on their favorite general manager. But with the state of the economy, we have to scrimp on everything, including ingenuity. Thus, you get: It’s been done before, but last time they only went halfway up. Of […]

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc

I know it’s the hip new thing to blame everything going tits-up on the economy, but there are certain areas where I think there are other culprits to blame as well. One of them is obviously the newspaper industry (which was sliding ever closer to the precipice for some time now), but I think book […]

Pragmatism? What’s that?

Relatively cool off the indignation presses, a group called “The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood” alleges that Scholastic Book Clubs, those brightly-colored pamphlets we all got as young’uns, are detrimental to children because they could contain up to 35% non-book content. Excuse me while I faint in disgust. Actually, she cites 14 percent of the […]

Wait, what?

I realize everyone’s dogs were murdered by the shocking admission of Alex Rodriguez’s usage of steroids, but perhaps the bloviation has gone on a bit far? But with the revelation that at least one-eighth of its players and most of its marquee stars were (and might still be) faking it, the World Series now looks […]

Just like potheads

Legalizing marijuana is a touchy subject, pitting morality against the freedom of choice. Naturally, as the point which the two sides are arguing isn’t the same, when they argue their respective points neither side winds up actually listening to the other. From a negative standpoint, the argument against marijuana is no longer the fact that […]

Calm down, have some dip

Inahle. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Everyone needs to just step back and take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Feel better now? Let us turn our attention toward something that’s been troubling me of late: namely, hope. Hope is all well and good for getting people through the day. If we succumbed to every single pessimistic thought […]

Niggling nomenclature

Alcoholism is a disease. Any objections to this statement? The DSM-IV thinks so, and as I still hold a modicum of respect for that book – since they decided against naming video game addiction an actual disease – I will agree with their assessment. (It should be noted that I lost a great deal of […]

'Name that generation' contest over?

For all of us who were born after the sunset of Generation X, the long period of anonymity/ambiguity in regards to our identity may be over. I was perusing the content of a Web magazine I’m too embarrassed to name when I stumbled across the term “net generation,” or “net-geners.” “Oh shit,” I thought. “This […]

Missing the point

Oh joy! The music labels are finally getting in on this whole digital music thing, and they’ve managed to drum up yet another format (YAF) for us to deal with: a microSD card lousy with music, liner notes and others. FTFA: For many people, buying digital music is still too complex, said Rio Caraeff, executive […]

Steve Jobs thinks I'm a freak

And coming from Skeletor himself, that’s saying something. Basically the only thing that came out of the long-awaited Apple event on Tuesday (aside from a new iteration of the Nano and slight upgrades to the Touch and Classic) was the introduction of Genius, the new playlist recommendation engine. Basically, Apple was kind enough to include […]

The irrelevance of quality

This is actually kinda funny. Yesterday, my buddy texted me to let me know he had picked up Spore, the hot new game for the week. I have nothing particularly against Spore, but I never really saw what was so cool about it. The more I thought about it, the more I could see the […]

Just ... no

Hate. Despise. Loathe. All are perfect words to describe my feelings toward those who insist upon clapping once the credits start rolling in a movie theater. I suppose if this were the 1920s, such a practice might be understandable. After all, the very first movin’ picture (of a train driving toward the camera) was so […]

One year later

As I sat down in the dark, empty newsroom, I was suddenly hit by a realization. I wasn’t going to blog about it, but I figure you’ve got to have some milestones in life. As of right now, I will be starting on my second year of employment at the Evergreen. Wow, it feels really […]

I appreciate the thought, but ...

Is it absolutely necessary at 1:30 in the morning to call with the earth-shattering news that you’ve found my mailbox? Not that I was asleep or anything, but what about the normal folks? I noticed my phone was lit up, so I checked and it informed me of a new voicemail. This being 1:30 in […]

Lawn, get off my

Yep, I’m old. It’s official, I’ve already descended into the crotchety “incoherent yelling at the yute” phase of life. I know this isn’t the first time, but the latest viral vid to hit the tubes involves a man who – for some reason or another – went Office Space in real life. The first vid […]

Frustratingly depressing

I truly fear and despise what lies ahead for all of us. Gloom and portending doom are not particularly my forte, but I’m compelled by a few recent things I’ve seen to spew a bit. This article from Time Magazine exemplifies a frightening trend I’ve recently become more and more aware of the more I […]

Olde tyme journalizing

Greetings, and salutations from the past. Since I spend roughly 16 hours a week scanning in old newspapers for WSU Libraries, you all get to be subjected to the most interesting pieces of what I find. Since my supervisor approves all the work I do (and not necessarily in the speediest fashion), I can’t directly […]

Internet douchebaggery

While we can all agree that some old hag signing up for a MySpace account for the sole purpose of pretending to be a teenage boy, befriending and subsequently breaking the heart of the girl down the street who’s mean to her daughter is a Grade-A bitch of epic proportions, it’s probably best not to […]

"The Time Traveler's Wife," Audrey Niffenegger

The Time Traveler’s Wife interests me purely from a standpoint of ownership – who exactly does the story “belong” to? Titles are usually an easy indicator of this, but this one is somewhat misleading. On the face of it, you’d naturally assume the book focuses on the wife, Clare. However, the title also has “The […]

How Sweet it is

At 4:27 p.m., Pullman shuts down. Classes are canceled, businesses will close and all eyes will be on the boys in red as they take on the boys in baby blue. Families will huddle around their televisions, office workers will huddle around their computer screens and thousands will stream into Beasley Coliseum to cheer on […]

While you were away

This tale takes place during the magical week known as “Spring Break.” —————- It’s always odd, walking the streets at night when everyone’s away. Without exception, by the end of the weekend before a break Pullman empties and I am left to fend for myself among the other rejects and townies. 2 a.m. is a […]

Companies like turning a profit

Story at 11. The (Red) marketing campaign (which you probably know the best from the iconic iPods) was the subject of an article in the New York Times, specifically concerning the bottom line. According to Advertising Age, companies spent in excess of $100 million on advertising for the (Red) products, while only giving $18 million […]

A dark day, indeed

I admit to being a Patriots fan. I enjoy the team, I enjoy the players and I enjoy seeing them win. That, however, was not my main reason for cheering for them on Sunday and subsequently is not the reason I am now in mourning. That reason can be summed up in three short but […]


Tony Bennett was named Coach of the Year by several different organizations last year. And yet, despite numerous awards bearing that title, despite all his success and the accolades heaped upon him and the team, there’s one fundamental thing that negates the entire exercise: He can’t score a single point. With the game on the […]

How is this anything but pointless?

NASA to blast The Beatles’ “Across the Universe” into space to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the recording being made and the 50th anniversary of the founding of NASA. Coming in the wake of revelations about NASA’s expensive sexy parties, one is forced to wonder exactly who accounts for the money they spend so frivolously. […]

Is it just me?

Am I the only who’s completely and utterly sick of campaign season? I don’t know precisely what it is that causes a person to give a damn about the presidential primaries, but it seems like something that should be bottled and sold – anything with the ability to get so many people excited about absolutely […]

The art of the title

As I was reading through everyone else’s raison d’être (by which I mean reading, of course), I was struck by how differently we all go about our process of choosing books. Some seemed more … arduous than others, while some were decidedly less exacting. It got me to thinking about the process I go through […]

One more thing ...

Since I’m sure today the internet will be teeming, if not flooded with opinions on people who have seen pictures of the new MacBook Air, I’ve decided to take a slightly different tack. It’s neat. Yes, it’s tiny and thin. Yes, it’s impressive you can stick it in a manila folder. Who cares? Is this […]