I never went to piano lessons as a kid. It wasn’t like I was skipping out on a planned activity or anything — my parents didn’t play the piano, neither more nor my brother showed any interest, so we never had the “traditional” music education. In fact, until the fifth grade, the sum total of […]

Dynamically loading & tracking videos with VideoJS/Google Analytics

Using free tools for our responsive design documentary project.

The NSA is not lying

Everyone thinks the NSA is always lying. It's not. Journalists just aren't listening right or asking the proper questions.

Stock-in-trade: What's for sale at Vox.com?

Vox.com doesn't have a defined sense of what content is for sale and what's not, and that's a fundamental problem in the modern journalism era.

Computers will not replace reporters, except when they will

Yes, computers can do the job of some reporters faster than the reporters. That's OK. The reporters can do other things better. They should concentrate on those things.

Using robots to improve photo upload workflow

Don't be afraid to let computers do things that computers are good at. That's literally the point of having computers. Use them to free up time to do things that humans are good at.

Saving journalism, v4.05: Marc Andreessen's promise

Marc Andreessen is super smart. He's made lots of money, most of it thanks to the internet. That doesn't mean he's always right.

Easy interactivity

Everybody wants to do big ol’ honking interactives nowadays. It’s the future, but it’s here now. Amazing. But while we wouldn’t even dream of being able to Snow Fall properly, even our “regular-size” interactive projects take up an abundant amount of our time. We don’t have that kind of time for most projects, nor, quite frankly, do most of them deserve that level of […]

Local newsonomics

If you're in journalism, you should know how your news organization (in theory, anyway) makes money. Here's a brief primer on the basics of making money on the internet in news.

Know your audience, know yourself

It's quite simple: If you don't give people a reason to visit your site, they won't. So know who your (valuable) readers are and what they want.

Newspaper as platform

Different platforms require different content. If you wouldn't write a novel on Twitter, why are you assuming your newspaper stories and your online stories should be exactly the same?

Hobbling along: Scaffolding as crutch

Just because AP says you should use the inverted pyramid doesn't mean you should use the inverted pyramid. Write for the reader, not some long-dead style maven.