"Young Money," Kevin Roose

Wherein we learn about the lives of young financiers, then ponder why we wanted to do that in the first place.

Electioneering - Covering Election Day with data, maps and print

Automating some mapping of elections results - with a few unexpected problems.

SVGLite - jQuery plugin for manipulating SVG fills, strokes and sizing

A jQuery plugin for manipulating SVG fills, strokes and sizes. With 100% less "convert your image to a JSON object" than RaphaelJS!

FauxDB: Making it by faking it

Building out a way to present simple databases online (that can be used by the average reporter). Believe me, it's the latter part that presents the biggest challenge.

Live journalism: Pushing to York Fair

An idea to inject some live journalism into the YDR booth at the York Fair.

It's game time: Using Google Docs as a CMS

Building a responsively-designed high school football preview.

User-submitted photo galleries

We had about two weeks to build a system to collect user-submitted photos and display them in galleries. For no cost. We did it, but we might have cheated a bit.

Your website is not your newspaper

It's OK if your 1A story is not the most important story on your website, because they're different products. Internet history shows us that trying to be everything tends to leave you with nothing.

Learning to love the Goog: Google Apps Script

Are you working in the news industry? Chances are you have exactly 0 dollars to spend on dev tools/hosting/etc. Luckily, Google can help.

Editing EXIF data in PHP

A quick-and-dirty PHP script to edit the EXIF data (caption) for photos (JPEGs only).

Og make fire? Fire HOT! Choosing your tools for digital journalism

Journalists tend to rely on a lot of externally-produced tools. Taking the time to judiciously select the ones that get used is well worth it.


I won an award. Then I made an exceedingly strange video.