Empathy and Accessibility on the Web (WP Campus)

Web accessibility should mean that people can use the Web. That means everyone. Accessibility is not an enhancement, it's essential.

When (and when not) to use the WP-API

The WordPress API is the future, and this post will help you get back to it. Wait ...

Retweets = endorsements: Curation in the attention economy

People who argue that retweets aren't endorsements are still stuck in the mode of newspapers endorsing candidates (and anyone caring beyond whether it conforms to their existing preference).

The Internet is eating the world: Pokemon Go and digital’s disrespect for the physical world

The internet is increasingly trying to reach out and touch the physical world, but no one's bothering to try to figure out what the rules should be.

OJ, Missoula, and a newfound distaste for the adversarial legal system

Reading deeply about any subject you’re not intimately familiar with can be terrifying. As someone who was constantly told I would make a good lawyer growing up, getting recognized as such — either as commonly understood or as a standard that might be used by the legal profession itself — now seems more insulting than anything. An […]

On encryption, Apple and all this nonsense

I feel inadequate to write about this. Far smarter people far closer to the problem have written far better things than I ever can. But this is one of those situations where, once you have all the knowledge, I literally cannot see the other side of the argument. I speak, of course, of IN THE MATTER […]

"Switched On," by John Elder Robison

Robison's new book is a gripping memoir that suffers a bit from over-scientific fatigue.

Separating creator and creation

Bad people do good things. Good people do bad things. Who they are can influence how we view events/actions, but the actions exist, regardless.

A Reader's Dilemma

Exploring Scott Meyer's authorial oeuvre in its early going.

Talking to computers

Wherein we enter the Kafka-like labyrinth of computers that can't be countermanded by humans.

A Mini-Sociology of Rocket Cars

I'm not saying teenage culture is bad. I'm not saying videogame culture is bad. I'm saying there are some teenagers (and probably 20somethings) playing videogames who are very maladjusted socially.

"Eleanor and Park," Rainbow Rowell

It's not a contemporary teen romance novel. Well, I mean, it is. But also it isn't.