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Dan Herman


content creation, management and editing

I worked as an editor at newspapers for 6 years, overseeing writers, copyediting and managing various artists/designers, in addition to writing stories when needed.

skills on every screen/medium

Responsive web design, print layouts, back-end programming, presentation design, trade show booth layouts: You name it, I've done it.

user-centric design focus

Ultimately, I believe the best design is that which allows the user to accomplish whatever task they're attempting to complete. Everything else is dressing.

full coding toolkit

WordPress blogs, eCommerce, full-fledged apps: I've designed 'em, I've done the front-end coding, I've done the back-end programming, I've written BASH utilities.

server management

Inarguably the weakest skill of the bunch, but I know my way around Apache and Linux, though I definitely dislike knowing how to do the same thing four different ways depending on distro.


Penn State College of Medicine

web specialist
May 2016 - Present

Along with a colleague, I oversee the digital presence for the Penn State College of Medicine. This includes updating content, developing components and add-ons for the main College website in the LifeRay CMS, as well as developing, maintaining and updating content for our various WordPress websites that pertain to other audiences. I also develop internal tools and methods for various digital projects, including Google Analytics work, Google Tag Manager, SiteImprove and various front-end/back-end libraries to display unique content in JavaScript. I also advise and help develop our digital strategy.

Campbell, Harrington and Brear

web developer
Aug. 2015 - May 2016

Working for a full-service ad agency, I delivered internal and client web projects, including custom application development, ecommerce and traditional websites. This included a variety of front-end languages and back-end PHP work, updating/upgrading already developed themes and building them from scratch. I was responsible for planning and DevOps on all technical projects, as well as administering web servers, our internal email and storage servers. I worked across a variety of content management systems in order to fit to what the client is comfortable with. I also developed long-term strategy for the web business.

Aardvark Brigade

php developer
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015

For this digital web agency, working primarily in PHP, CSS, JavaScript and a seemingly endlessly expanding number of libraries and frameworks, I created front- and back-end deliverables for client websites – everything from pitching in on some SVG animation to back-end plugins for integrating Twitter/Facebook profiles with consultant microsites for a direct sales company. Working with the Aardvark Brigade brought me a fuller understanding of client relationships, a better grasp on time management and helping the client discover what works best for them, in addition to a multitude of new and improved technical skills.

York Daily Record

innovation editor/assistant editor
July 2012 - Nov. 2014

In carving out my role as Innovation Editor (a brand-new position) at this 24-7 news organization, I focused primarily on two key areas. The first, and most immediately visible, had me helping plan and execute public-facing projects, sites and tools to enhance our news coverage and brand focus. This included a new way to present databases online, several responsive-design projects and a video. The other aspect, which I considered just as — if not more — important, involved making sure that we were using technology internally to make people more efficient/reduce their workload. I also helped manage/train two direct reports. As assistant editor, I helped oversee the production of four daily newspapers, as well as weeklies and special sections, managing three direct reports and a dozen in total. In the digital sphere I worked on a number of projects, including social media tools, content curation tools, on-demand databasing tools, live election tools, and iPad apps.

Farmington Daily Times

presentation editor
Jan. 2011- July 2012

Though originally hired as the online editor, my position was never so narrowly defined at this daily newspaper. For the first nine months of my tenure, I served as a primary page designer, doing news pages around six times a week. While doing this, I also maintained our main website and created mini-sites for special events, as well as handling IT troubleshooting and maintenance. I oversaw all online and print design, and managing two full-time page designers and two photographers.

Pacific Northwest Inlander

copy editor
June 2010 - Dec. 2010

In addition to editing all print copy for clarity, structure, grammar and AP style for this weekly newspaper, I also edited external publications (the bi-monthly health magazine and advertising projects) and was responsible for final proofing on all publications. I wrote news, arts and culture stories for print, as well as biographies and health stories for the health glossy. I also contributed to the blog regularly (at least three times a week), including a weekly series that regularly drew three to four times as many readers as the average post.

Oxyfresh/Life Matters

web publication specialist
Sept. 2009 - June 2010

For this direct marketing firm, I helped with the development of several web properties and projects. I was in charge of the weekly newsletter to subscribers, helping with JavaScript/AJAX on the main site and assisting in the development of the site for a new product. Highpoints included integrating new technologies and methods into the work processes, as well as introducing automation for repetitive tasks that freed up time for more creative work.


2009, BA History
Washington State University


Web Accessibility General Accessibility/ADA
Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Premiere After Efects
Wordpress Laravel Magento Drupal LifeRay Django
HTML 5 JavaScript CSS/SCSS PHP jQuery AngularJS Python 2/3
Editing Writing

2014 Pennsylvania Newspaper of the Year - Best Use of Video

2014 Digital First Media Innovator of the Year

2013 EPPY Finalist, Best Mobile App Under 1 Million Readers

2013 Keystone Awards Honorable Mention, Best Headlines

Member, Digital First Media IdeaLab

2009 ACP Best Newspaper Spread

Phi Beta Kappa